Mann beißt Hund (2013-)

Teenagers write their own laws, carve them into a public toilet wall

and rejudge real court cases. Mann beißt Hund (‘Man Bites Dog') wants

to investigate film as a violent media and question how far legislation

should go in regulating our behaviour and society.

The core of the project is an extensive remake of the Belgian

cult film Man Bites Dog, in which a camera crew follows in the

footsteps of a serial killer to document his methods, but end up

participating in the atrocities themselves to get the film made.

The remade film is devoid of characters, and the plot is recreated

and reconstructed entirely through sound and camera movements,

enhancing the violence that cannot be seen directly but only felt.

Mann beißt Hund parallels the constant risk of a society’s legislation

turning into violence against its own citizens with film as an

ambiguous and violent medium. See more